Our Special Cuban Starters
  • 14.50CUBAN BREAD with pulled pork (for two)
  • 8.50Light spicy BLACK BEAN SOUP topped with tomato salsa and sour cream
  • 17.50SHRIMP cooked in flavored olive oil, served with bread
Our Starters
  • 7.50SOUP OF THE DAY, please ask your waiter
  • 12.50BEEF CARPACCIO with Parmesan cheese, olives, tomato and roasted nuts served with pesto or truffle mayonnaise
  • 14.50Seared FLAT IRON STEAK with chimichurri and mustard lime mayo
  • 15.50TUNA 3-WAYS
  • 12.50CAESAR SALAD with romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing and croutons
  • 16.50- ADD marinated chicken
  • 21.50- ADD shrimp
  • JAPANESE SALAD served with fresh raw tuna
  • 14.50- SMALL
  • 21.50- LARGE
  • 13.50CEVICHE, fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices
  • 9.50Creamy GARLIC MUSHROOMS gratinated with Parmesan cheese

At Cuba Compagnie we try to serve everyone despite any possible allergies. If you have any allergies,
please make sure to let our staff know when you order, so our kitchen staff can be extra careful.

Our Unique Items

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