the history of our building

Since the arrival of the Dutch in the ABC Islands, there was always at least one member of the West Indian Company (WIC) on Bonaire...

...and after 1792 also a few civil servants or semi-public officials. These were, barring a few exceptions, mostly protestant.

There was no spiritual care for Protestants, until the Dutch government, i.e. the State, forced a preacher to visit Bonaire. When Reverend Arend K. Meyer was appointed as preacher for Curaçao by Royal decree at the end of 1841, this was conditioned to obligatory regular visits to Bonaire. This obligation lasted until 1860.

A year and a half passed before rev. Meyer to complied with this duty and on July 2, 1843 the first “one public sermon for the protestant community” was delivered. This took place at the home of the widow Mrs. J.J. Debrot. In 1845, 86 Protestants lived on Bonaire. A small church was inaugurated on March 9, 1847.



Our service-oriented staff!Our team is always there for you with a smile. The most enjoyable thing for them to do is to make sure you have a great evening. If you enjoy, we enjoy with you! See you soon!


Our great, ever-changing menu!We have a very diverse menu, from Cuban, through fish to French cuisine. Some of our dishes are changed several times during the year, so there is something new on the menu every time, also for our regular guests! Something for everyone at Cuba Compagnie!


Our fabulous Latin Dance Nights!On Thursday evening, after your dinner, you can join us on our dance floor. Every Thursday we organize a 'Latin Night', where you can have a drink at the bar or dance the salsa! Thursday night is a real Cuba night! (temporarily postponed due to Covid19)


The lovely location!Cuba Compagnie is located at the Wilhelmina Square, the liveliest square in Kralendijk! You can enjoy food and drinks while the children can play on the square. Across the street our guests can see the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea and at the back of Cuba Compagnie they can walk straight into the center.